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The characteristics of wire rope and its production and application

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1. The wire rope can carry loads over long distances.
2. Large bearing safety factor, safe and reliable use.
3. Light weight, easy to carry and transport.
4. Able to withstand multiple loads and variable loads.
5. High tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact toughness.
6. Wear resistant, aseismic and stable operation at high speed.
7. Good corrosion resistance, able to work normally in the harsh environment of various harmful media.
8 soft performance, suitable for traction, pull, tying and other various USES.


The steel wire is made of high quality carbon steel.
The working place such as damp or open air environment can use the steel wire rope that galvanize steel wire is twisted into, in order to enhance antirust property.
Wire rope is standard in each industrial country product, can choose its diameter according to use need, rope share number, each steel wire number, tensile strength and sufficient safety coefficient, its specification model can be checked in concerned manual.
Except for the wear of steel wire rope layer, the steel wire rope is mainly broken gradually due to metal fatigue caused by repeated bending around pulley and reel, so the ratio of pulley or reel to wire rope diameter is an important factor that determines the life of wire rope.
The ratio is large, the bending stress of steel wire is small, the life is long, but the mechanism is huge.
The appropriate ratio must be determined according to the situation of use.
The wear and corrosion degree of the surface layer of the wire rope or the number of broken wires in each twist distance exceeding the specified value shall be scrapped.
The wire rope is mainly used in the transportation of high strength wire rope, such as hoisting and pulling.