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Antenna Telescopic Mast

YZ2-TX Roof Mounted Foldable Telescopic System with Antenna

Product Name: folding antenna equipment
Product Model: XD-YZ2-DF-TX
Product function: lying down, standing height 1 m and 2 m, vertical rotation 0-90 °
Product Power supply: DC12V/DC24V
Load Type: omnidirectional antenna
Control mode: Wire control handle, wireless remote control
Product installation: Suitable for all kinds of car models, installation of the car does not damage the car body.


Product Structure Diagram




Get ready
Check whether all the switches are in the off state, and the indicator light on the controller is not on at this time.

Power turn-on
Turn on the power switch, and the power indicator light on the controller is on.

Press the UP/UP button of the controller, and the light pole will automatically stand UP at 90 degrees and lift UP; When it reaches the limit height, it will automatically stop and the ACTIVE indicator light will be on.

After turning off the light, press the controller up/DOWN, lower the light pole, wait for the light pole to reset (it will stop automatically), and then release the button.

Power failure
Please turn off the power button after completing the above operation.


Daily maintenance
Reminder: This item is very important to you, please be sure to do it well. Because any mechanical equipment can only run on the premise of correct use and timely maintenance.
1. Please check the installation bracket of the equipment and the fastening bolt of the lamp regularly. If there is any looseness, please fasten it immediately.
2. Please wipe the lampshade glass with soft cloth to keep it transparent.
3. Please avoid using high-pressure water gun to directly shoot the lighting equipment.
Please place the controller in a dry place.


Common troubleshooting methods
Fault phenomenon
The power indicator light is not on or the operation does not respond
 No electricity or insufficient voltage
The power switch is not turned on
Power fuse burned out
Short circuit or open circuit of power line or pilot wire
Replace battery or charge
Turn on the switch
Replace fuse
To check the wiring
Cloud platform does not rotate
Pan-Tilt route switch shift
Pilot wire Open circuit
Controller damage
Readjust the travel switch
Replace controller
Light pole can't fall down
Cloud platform failure
Magnetic switch shift
Pilot wire Open circuit
Controller damage
Overhaul Yuntai
Adjust magnetic switch
Replace controller
Wireless controller does not work
Insufficient power
Other interference
Controller damage
To replace the batteries
Eliminate interference
Replace controller