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Non-lockable telescopic mast

Wind power lifting rod


Wind power lifting rod has: light weight, Low collection height, high range of elevation;


Wind power lifting rod suitable for all-weather use;

Strong corrosion resistance;



Wind power lifting rod has the characteristics of simple structure and easy to use.


Wind power elevating rod is used for public security, fire control, water conservancy, oil field, investigation, transportation, municipal administration, electric power, tap water, gas all kinds of natural disasters, emergency scene night rescue, rescue and other fields.


Wind power lifting rod its inherent use characteristics, and at present for telecommunications, military as antenna lifting mechanism supporting.


Wind power lifting rod can be installed in public security command vehicle, emergency communication vehicle and other special vehicles and other models;

It can also be used as the lighting carrier of sports ground.


Wind power lifting rod can be customized with various specifications of pneumatic lifting rod, height up to 1-35 meters, optional.