pneumatic telescopic mast|lighting mast|military mast


Xuedian Telescopic Mast Factory is a company based in Nanjing China, who is a professional manufacturer and solution provider for various telescopic mast, vehicle mounted telescopic mast, antenna tilt that meets client's demand in fire trucks,military ,police, telecommunication vehicles,antenna vehicles,defence,surveillance and camera security, broadcast  etc.

NanJing Xuedian. mainly offers products with independent intellectual property rights and national patents. We specialize in the design and production of pneumatic telescopic masts, and can offer a variety of pneumatic telescopic masts for customers.

We make our products “Higher, Lighter, Stronger” through continuous technical innovation and quality management, and insist on supporting high-quality products and sincere services to customers. Our products are currently exported to more than 10 countries and regions worldwide.

The vehicle emergency mobile lighting equipment that our company manufactures has the merits of small size, light weight, high security, high illuminance as well as high reliability. It plays an important role during the occurrence of all kinds of natural disasters, or when dealing with the emergency at night and salvage.

The lifting platform equipment that our company produces is characterized by high reliability and stable performance which can be the carrier for each product. It can be widely used in various fields, which can meet the demand for all-around working.

The lifter that our company makes adopts the aluminium alloy with high strength, light weight and diverse specifications. We can design and produce according to customers' needs in order to meet the requirements for height and loading for different fields and different occasions.

Our company will use the most updated scientific fruit in order to keep the leadership for serving numerous users.