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Who uses our portable telescoping antenna mast systems?

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 For many years the worlds military have used our telescoping antenna mast systems for tactical communications and data gathering. They are also in service with telecoms organisations, TV and radio broadcasting companies, numerousscientific groups and government departments. So, the antenna mast systems have a proven track record for reliability and convenience. All of our telescoping antenna masts come with a two year guarantee. Equipment options for the telecommunication mast systems and with 450 different types of mast systems in our range andevery conceivable mounting option, we are sure to have the best solution to suit your requirements. Numerous options are available such as a 360°mast rotation, even when extended. This makes the requirement for a pan and tilt redundant.

Our antenna mast systems are used for many applications such as signal strength testing and establishing a clear line of sight between masttransmitter and mast receiver to ensureuninterrupted radio signal transition. Other uses include telescoping radio masts, TV antenna mast systems, military comms masts for broadcasting and general telecommunications mast use. We offer a full system integrator service and our telescoping mast installers are widely experienced craftsmen. We are also a specialist police vehicle builder and for many years have been the chosen supplier for other specialist companies such as military vehicle builders also specialist fire appliance builders procure our telescoping antenna masts and our automatic roof mast has been in service with many of the worlds brigades for many years.

Our antenna mast systems work...

Various types of internal cables, clampable collars for permanent extension keywayed tubes to stop unwanted rotation and a range of quick release reinforced antenna mounting brackets. These mastsare the perfect solution to your telescoping radio mast, TV mast, video and telecommunications needs.

Please see our Portable, Royal and Premier mastpages for the most commonly chosen antenna masts for TV and radio.

They can be deployed completely independently off any power or air supply and all our antenna mast systems come with the certifications required by the government or military procurement personnel.

The antenna masts carry the CE mark of quality. We have masts that extend up to 40 meters (131 feet) and masts that will carry up to an impressive 250kg. We also have masts that do not require any guy ropes.