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Military mast range equipment options/mast for military use

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 Our robust equipment is in constant use within many of the worlds military and so has a proven track record for quality and longevity. We can supply you with numerous mounting options for antenna and lighting equipment, cameras andother uses and we stock a full range of rapid deployment equipment and mast mounting brackets.

Where can our masts be used?

Our military masts can be used in the most hostile of environments as such as deserts through to arctic conditions. All anodised colours are available such as desert sand or military green. We have over 450 types of masts available, or if you require a special design we can rapidly produce technical designs and specifications to suit your individual requirements. Our military brochure is available on request.

If you require a hands on demonstration you can visit our premises or we can bring our demonstration vehicle to you. This is fitted with a range of masts. Please consult our various mast charts or contact our office if you have any technical questions.

 What military applications our telescoping masts are used for...

Our masts are typically used by military for temporary or semi permanent tactical communication and they can accommodate verylarge and heavy antennas up to an impressive 250kg. Other applications as such as surveillance and thermal imaging along with temporary or semi permanent compound lighting are another of our specialities.