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Lightning protection function and defects of lifting lightning arrester and marine lightning arreste

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The numerous foreign lightning arrester sold in China's lightning protection commodity market before has no advantages in function compared with the usual lightning arrester. On the contrary, it is the same as the usual lightning arrester, it has the defect that lightning leads to intense electromagnetic radiation disturbance. These foreign lightning arrester and the skill specifications they drafted were completely rejected by the World academic circles.


1. Preface
In the past 20 years, the lightning protection commodity market in China is full of many foreign lightning arrester. From the radiation source lightning arrester in the early century to the Pulsar Atmospheric high pulse voltage lightning arrester (Atmospheric high pulse voltage lightning conductor) of French Helita company in 1980s, to Franklin lightning arrester (Franklin conductor) in 1990s, san Elmo lightning arrester (Saint Elmo lightning conductor), up to now, various types of early discharge lightning arrester.
For example, TOHI's Indelec (E.S.E) Automatic early discharge lightning arrester, Doyle-Mason's satellite (Satelit) early discharge lightning arrester, recently, there is a Spanish Ingesco company's PDC series automatic pre-discharge lightning arrester, etc.
China becomes France, Spain, and maybe some other countries' foreign lightning arrester platforms and markets. Although there are numerous structures and shapes of these various foreign lightning arrester, it is strange that their manufacturers are keen to claim that their foreign lightning arrester has "early discharge" or "automatic discharge", or the superior function of "early discharge", they are all satisfied with the French National lightning protection standard NF C 17-102, and also have exactly the same maintenance radius accounting formula.
However, what are these foreign lightning arrester looks like after all? Does it really have great advantages over the usual lightning arrester as it preaches? After carefully discussing the publicity materials they provide, we can find that their effect is no different from that of a common metal lightning arrester!

2. Lightning protection function and defects of lightning arrester
Lightning arrester was created by Franklin in 1753. It is a simple metal needle on the high-rise building of the equipment, which is called a flash device. With the addition of the lead-down line and grounding pole, it becomes a complete set of equipment to protect against direct thunder. Over the past 200 years, Lightning arrester has effectively maintained all kinds of buildings and industrial equipment, cut down the attack of lightning damage and damage, and has made endless contributions to human beings.
Lightning arrester's lightning protection principle is that it can connect lightning current and guide it into the Earth smoothly, while maintaining the buildings under it or around it from lightning. When lightning arrester releases lightning current, intense electromagnetic radiation disturbance will occur around it. In the past, perhaps for ordinary buildings, machines, or human beings, this electromagnetic radiation will not bring significant harm. Therefore, people once didn't care about its defect.
However, in today's modern society, the situation of many applications of accounting machines and other fine instruments and equipment in all walks of life is different. In these fine instruments and equipment, there are many microelectronic devices, especially accounting machine chips.
In these chips, many tiny electronic components are integrated. They are very small and the insulation between them is very weak. They operate at a low voltage of several volts. Lightning arrester leads the intense electromagnetic radiation of lightning current to generate overvoltage in the circuits of these electronic devices, which will have a great possibility of breaking down the insulation between components in integrated circuit chips, destroying these chips constitutes uncompensated damage to these fine instruments and equipment. Therefore, in today's modern society, this defect of lightning arrester has emerged and has been paid more and more attention by everyone.

3. Comparison between foreign lightning arrester and common lightning arrester
The marine lightning arrester is the same as the usual lightning arrester, which needs to be connected with lightning and lightning. After the Thunder, when the Thunder current comes, it still cannot prevent the attack of intense electromagnetic radiation disturbance. It will also endanger the safety of various fine weak current equipment such as accounting machines. At this point, they have the same defects as the usual lightning arrester and will not have any advantages than the usual lightning arrester.


4. What is the "early discharge" of the foreign lightning arrester?
The producers of the ocean lightning arrester claim that their ocean lightning arrester has two main advantages, one is that it can "discharge automatically", or "discharge early", or "discharge early". That is to say, their foreign lightning arrester has better lightning function than usual lightning arrester. The second is to convert its early discharge time into the early discharge distance, appropriately increase the height of the lightning arrester, and then increase the maintenance radius.
Then let's take the "Yi dilei" lightning arrester as an example to analyze the "Yi dilei (INDELEC)" provided by its manufacturer from three aspects: Principle, laboratory experiment and atmospheric observation. Questions in the principles of commodity planning (hereinafter referred to as the principles of planning), see how it deceives users.