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Troubleshooting of lifting head

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Fault handling
The following situations may occur when the PTZ fails.
1. Unable to control the PTZ
2. Unable to control the decoder
3. Some functions cannot be implemented
4. The signal indicator of the code converter is not working


Code turn light does not flash
Software settings (the light does not flash, mainly because the code converter is not working, first start with software settings to solve this problem)
1. Decoder settings in the software (decoder protocol, COM port, baud rate, check bit, data bit, stop bit)
2. Replace a COM port (check whether the COM port is damaged),
3. Hardware. After the above settings, it still cannot be used normally. Open the nine-pin to 25-pin converter interface. Whether connection test is 2-2,3-3,5-7, if correct, check whether the power supply of code converter is normal (voltage and current test (9V,500MA) can be carried out with multimeter), there is no problem to determine that the code converter is damaged.

Unable to control decoder
There is no relay sound in the decoder.
1. Check whether the decoder is powered;
2. Check whether the code converter has pulled out the output 485 signal;
3. Check whether the decoder protocol is set correctly;
4. Check whether the baud rate setting is consistent with the decoder (check whether the address code setting is consistent with the selected camera (see the decoder manual for detailed address code drawing table);
5. Check whether the connection between decoder and code converter is wrong (1-485A,2-B; Some decoders are 1-485B,2-A);
6. Check whether the decoder works normally (the old decoder is powered on one minute after power off, and whether there is a self-test sound; When the software controls the PTZ, there will be voltage changes between the UP,DOWN,AUTO and other ports of the decoder and the PTCOM port, the change depends on the decoder 24VOR220V. Some decoder ports will have switching signal changes). If there is, the decoder works normally, otherwise the decoder fails;
7. Check whether the fuse of the decoder has been burnt out.


Unable to control the PTZ
1. Check whether item 6 above is normal
2. Whether the 24V or 220V power supply port voltage of the decoder is output normally
3. Directly supply power to the UP, DOWN, and PTCOM lines of the PTZ to check whether the PTZ can work normally.
4. Check whether the power supply interface is connected incorrectly.
5. Check whether the circuit is connected incorrectly (the old decoder is UP, DOWN and other lines and PTCOM directly supply power to the pan-tilt, and each line is directly connected to the camera and the pan-tilt. Some decoders are independent power supply interfaces.

I. Unable to operate on the interface (unable to click or click without any response)
1. Follow the steps above to check code transfer
2. Install the corresponding PTZ control patch
3. Notify the supplier
II. Click the time code turn light on or there is a relay ring in the decoder, but some functions cannot be controlled.
1. Check whether the wiring of functional parts that cannot be controlled is correct.
2. Whether the PTZ, lens and other equipment are in good condition.
3. Whether the decoder function port voltage and switching value output are normal.
III. The PTZ operation is abnormal during control
If the rotation cannot stop, first Test the port separately (power on the port directly for control). If it is normal, check whether the port corresponding to the decoder is working properly.


Video mosaic
Software issues, consult suppliers


In addition to the above problems, there are also some faults that are relatively easy to occur. For example, the PTZ is sometimes normal and sometimes abnormal, and most of the PTZ is installed incorrectly (for example, the formal installation is installed as hoisting), due to abnormal operation of the PTZ, The PTZ may be damaged for a long time. The other is the interference problem. The frequent appearance is that the cloud keeps going left or right, keeps going, or the PTZ will rotate itself when there is no control, this is due to the attenuation and interference of the transmission signal.