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About Lifting rod material 6063 aluminum alloy

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Tubing is the material used to make pipe fittings.
Different pipe fitting should use different pipe material, the stand or fall of pipe material decided the quality of pipe fitting directly.
Construction projects, power plants, chemical plants and other multi-use such pipes, there are standards GB/T5310;
High pressure boiler: GB/T8163;
Seamless steel pipe for conveying fluid: GB3087;
Seamless steel tube for low pressure boiler: GB/T9948;
Seamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking: GB/T14976;
Fluid transfer with stainless steel seamless steel pipe, common materials are alloy (15CrMo, 12Cr1MoV) carbon steel (10#, 20#, 45#) stainless steel (304, 316).
Including: PPR pipe, PVC pipe, UPVC pipe, copper pipe, steel pipe, fiber pipe, composite pipe, galvanized pipe, hose, reducing pipe, water pipe.
An overview of the
Pipe material is the construction project essential material, commonly used has the water supply pipe, the drainage pipe, the gas pipe, the heating pipe, the electric wire pipe, the rain water pipe and so on.
With the development of science and technology, the pipe materials used for home decoration have also experienced the development process of ordinary cast iron pipe → cement pipe → (reinforced concrete pipe, asbestos cement pipe) → nodular iron pipe, galvanized steel pipe → plastic pipe and aluminum-plastic composite pipe.
(1) water pipe: galvanized steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, coated steel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, ABS plastic pipe, polyethylene pipe, polypropylene pipe.
(2) drainage pipe: steel pipe, cast iron pipe, prestressed reinforced concrete pipe and self-stressed reinforced concrete pipe, GPR polyester resin pipe, HOBAS centrifugal cast glass fiber reinforced polyester resin pipe, polyethylene pipe, PVC plastic pipe, etc.
(3) warm, gas pipe: galvanized steel pipe, CPVC plastic pipe, ABS plastic pipe, polyethylene pipe, etc.
(4) wire sleeve: magnetic tube, aluminum composite pipe, etc.
(5) rain water pipe: iron pipe, cast iron pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, PE plastic pipe, etc.
Select material
PPR pipe is made of propylene glycol, which has the advantages of moderate price, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, stable performance, no scale, service life up to 50 years, etc. It can be embedded in walls or embedded in deep Wells.
But the construction technique request is higher, needs the special tool and the specialized knowledge to carry on the construction to guarantee the system the security.
And PVC pipe material is a kind of pipe material that likes on today world, very popular and be applied extensively, it has processing performance good, manufacturing cost is low, insulation, anticorrosive wait for an advantage, can be used to cooperate feed water fittings, be used at building feed water project or blowdown.
For HDPE pipes, it USES the material is made of high crystallinity, nonpolar thermoplastic resin a pipe, surface process ivory, can to the most of life and industrial chemical corrosion resistance, and have excellent insulation characteristics, make it very suitable for wire and cable, still maintained good properties in low temperature.