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Features of mobile intelligent lift Lightning arrester

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Product description (smart lift mobile lightning arrester)
Car-mounted lightning arrester lightning protection equipment product introduction compared with similar products, YBK series car-mounted lightning arrester lightning protection equipment has fast lifting speed, high reliability, strong durability, safety and stability, light weight, small closing height, convenient carrying and other features.
There are two kinds of lifting methods: Moving and electric. The lightning protection equipment of vehicle-mounted lightning arrester can increase the height to 3-20 meters, the closing height to 1.2-3 meters, and the main Rod weight to 15Kg-45Kg. It is widely applicable to emergency lightning protection such as troops, public security, fire protection, construction, outdoor construction, large-scale cultural and sports activities, disaster relief, etc.
The use of the lift-on-board lightning arrester can also make the equipment safe and convenient to maintain the operation of the aviation obstruction lamp. The vehicle-mounted lightning protection equipment system consists of vehicle-mounted lightning arrester and grounding equipment. The Lightning arrester includes: the insulated jacket which is vertically fixed on the vehicle, the insulated inner jacket which is fixed in the jacket cavity, A pair of non-induction windings, which are enclosed in the inner sleeve and circling on the insulating rod in reverse helix and parallel, are fixed on the end of the windings, fixed connection to the lower end of the winding of the lead-down line connector;
The grounding equipment includes: in the driving condition, the grounding cable connecting with the lead-down line connector of the lightning arrester, the top of the cable connecting with the lead-down line connector, and the bottom is a multi-branch grounding wire;
Parking condition, the grounding cable of the underlead connecting with the underlead connector of the lightning arrester, its top connecting with the underlead connector, the bottom connecting with the metal grounding pile fixed on the ground; The advantage is that the structure is simple, it can be used to resist the electromagnetic induction of lightning, prevent being struck by lightning, and improve the protection ability of vehicles and equipment to lightning.


1. Connect the Lightning and directly strike the Thunder, and introduce the lightning current to the Earth to achieve the protection effect of direct strike.
2.304 stainless steel is selected for strong corrosion resistance.
3. It has strong anti-rolling function.
4. Convenient mobile transportation, convenient viewing and maintenance of needle tip equipment.
5, strong ability to resist wind, can resist 60 m/s wind.
6. Lightning protection maintenance radius is calculated according to the rolling ball method.
7. It has the structural characteristics of high anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof, and has long service life.
8. The lifting method can be manual or electric, and can also be manual and electric integrated remote control.
9. Electromechanical integration controls the lifting, limiting, locking and sealing of lightning arrester. It can be controlled by the accounting machine or the handle button.
10. Able to deploy lightning arrester for early discharge or optimize lightning arrester.

Xuedian NJXD mobile lifting lightning arrester has the following features: light weight; Low preservation height, large scale of increased height; Suitable for all-weather application; Strong corrosion resistance; Heavy load; Simple structure; Convenient application and so on.
There are two kinds of lifting methods: Moving and electric. The height of lifting equipment can be increased to 3-30 meters, the closing height is 1.2-3 meters, and the weight of main rod is 15Kg-45Kg. Application scale: This product can be used on the ground, on-board and on-board. The lifting rod can be equipped with antenna, pan-tilt, lighting lamp, camera, communication equipment, climate instrument, etc.
Widely used in public security, fire control, communication, climate, municipal construction, various natural disasters, Emergency Events on-site night rescue, rescue and other fields; Can be equipped in satellite news interview vehicles, relay vehicles, military, public security command vehicles, emergency communication vehicles and other special vehicles and other vehicle types; They can also be used as lighting carriers for sports occasions.


Lightning arrester device description:
It is necessary for the equipment lightning arrester to strictly abide by the mandatory rules of the national code of the People's Republic of China-code for lightning protection planning of buildings (GB50057-2010):
1. Determine the lightning protection types of the buildings according to the area, height, Lightning days of the buildings to be maintained, the proofreading coefficient of the geographical environment, and the application properties of the buildings.
2, according to the lightning protection type and the area of the building, it is determined to choose one or more lightning arrester.
3. The lead-off line should be connected with the main steel bar of the building, or at least two or more lead-off lines should be made according to the rules.
4. The lead-off line should be used as breaking card and insulation protection on the adjacent ground.
5, grounding body, grounding resistance should be performed according to the GB50057-2010 request.


Lightning arrester devices:
1. It is necessary to prefabricate the base seat of the equipment in the direction of the vertical pole equipment lightning arrester base in advance.
2. Equipment lightning arrester, Lightning arrester flange fixed on pre-set prefabrication base, Lightning arrester flange screw and vertical pole top base solid welding joint.
3, Lightning arrester should be adopted according to the maintenance device of device height to determine lightning arrester of height.
4. The equipment and check of the lightning arrester cannot be carried out on thunderstorm days.
5. It is necessary for the grounding wire of the lightning arrester to firmly connect with the Earth. The grounding resistance value should meet the requirements of the national standard. Generally, the grounding resistance value should be less than 10Ω, and the first request should be less than 4Ω.
6. Check regularly (once a year) whether the connecting screws and welding parts of the lightning arrester are firm, and whether the grounding lead-off line is firmly connected with the grounding system. If it is found that the connecting screw and the welding part are seriously corroded, replace the connecting screw from scratch and weld the original welding part from scratch.
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