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How to carry electric lifting lightning arrester equipment and how to maintain it

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Determine the orientation of the lifting lightning arrester equipment, the bottom support plane is parallel to the axle line, and the area should be appropriate to the large and small area of the bottom plate of the rod body, so that the hand handle has a reverse space. It is fixed with the base through four holes on the base plate of the rod.
Determine the orientation of the hoop equipment by the axis of the fixed tube sheet of the lifting rod and the corresponding axis of the hoop, and pad the hoop and the fixed tube sheet with 2mm thick rubber equipment hoop.


Device request:
① it is necessary to ensure that the bottom plate of the lifting rod and the hoop equipment are straight to the horizontal plane of the car body.
② it is necessary for the equipment of the bottom plate and the hoop to ensure the accuracy of the orientation together. If one end is fixed, the other end will be fixed forcibly because the orientation is not correct.
③ the hoop and bottom support should be installed on the objects that cannot be displaced.
④ The clamp of the hoop to the rod body cannot be too tight to prevent the deformation of the rod body from affecting the normal operation of the lifting rod.


Maintenance and maintenance of electric lifting lightning arrester
When the lifting lightning arrester is closed in the open environment, it is necessary to wear rain-proof and dust-proof covers.
Before the falling lightning arrester is closed, it should be exposed to the sun for storage.
If it is not used for a long time, it will rise and dry every half a month in the dry season; It will rise and dry every month in the non-dry season.
If it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to electrify the lifting rod every three months.

Recently, when our technicians went to Changzhou to do regular inspection and maintenance of the lifting rod products for the old customers, the old customers in Changzhou asked us how to maintain the electric lifting rod, our technicians patiently answered this customer's question. In order to let more customers buy and use our electric lifting rod products with confidence, popularize the maintenance knowledge of electric lifting rod here.


(1) storage and transportation of electric lifting rod
1. The equipment should be stored in a dry place indoors, and the lamp box should be especially rainproof and moisture-proof.
2. When the mast is packed with outer packing and canvas bag, it can be stacked and stored, and the stacking height is not limited.
3. Under the condition of outer packing, the lamp box can be stacked but cannot exceed 5 layers.
4. When the equipment is transported, container vehicles or containers should be used as much as possible. Convertible vehicles should be covered with canvas and tied firmly.
5. Lamp Box storage transportation packaging protection logo


(2) maintenance of electric lifting rod
1. This equipment is designed without lubricating oil and does not need maintenance during storage under normal circumstances.
2. When the equipment is affected with damp and soaking, the equipment should be carefully checked before use. The mast part only needs to remove the external stain, which does not affect the normal use; The lamp should not be used easily before it is confirmed to be normal, so as to avoid danger.
3. After using the equipment, please check carefully before collecting it. If there is any shortage of standard fixed parts of the equipment, please complete them in time; If there is any failure of lamps and cables, please repair or replace them in time.