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Selection and installation of lifting professional electrical platform

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Camera cradle head is a working platform installed on the camera support, which is used for the connection between the camera and the support. The head has the function of horizontal and vertical rotation.

I. Product Selection Guide
The joint use of PTZ and camera can expand the monitoring range and improve the use value of camera.
The PTZ is divided into indoor type, outdoor type, explosion-proof type, high temperature resistant type and underwater type from the use environment. From the characteristics of rotation, it can be divided into: Horizontal head that can rotate left and right and all-round head that can both left and right and up and down.
Professional electrical platform: it is used to install cameras. It rotates horizontally and vertically under the control voltage (the voltage output by the PTZ controller), enables the camera to align and ingest the desired observation target in a wide range.
According to the rotation angle, it can be divided into limit type and continuous rotation type.
When the camera needs multi-directional scene monitoring, it should be equipped with remote control professional electrical platform.
Professional electrical platform key points for selection
(1) select professional electrical platform bearing capacity according to the weight of the camera.
(2) select a rotation range of professional electrical platform according to the monitored range.
(3) Select a rotation speed of professional electrical platform according to the response time requirements.
(4) professional electrical platform installed outdoors should be selected to be rain-proof or wind-resistant.

II. Key points of construction and installation
For more information, see Atlas of design and construction of intelligent building weak current engineering 97x 700. According to the characteristics of its rotation, the pan-tilt can be divided into horizontal revolving cloud platform that can only rotate left and right and all-round pan-tilt that can rotate left and right as well as up and down. Generally speaking, the horizontal rotation angle is 0 ° to 350 °, and the vertical rotation angle is +90 °. The horizontal rotation speed of the constant speed PTZ is generally 3 ° ~ 10 °/s, and the vertical speed is about 4 °/s. The horizontal rotation speed of the variable speed pan-tilt is generally 0 ° ~ 32 °/s, and the vertical rotation speed is about 0 ° ~ 16 °/s. In some high-speed camera systems, the horizontal rotation speed of the pan-tilt is above 480 °/s and the vertical rotation speed is above 120 °/s.
In fact, the PTZ is an installation platform composed of two AC motor or DC motors, which can move horizontally and vertically. However, it should be noted that the pan-head we mentioned is different from the pan-head in photographic equipment. Generally speaking, the Pan-head of photographic equipment is only a tripod and can only be adjusted by hand; the pan-tilt mentioned by the monitoring system can control its rotation and moving direction remotely through the control system.