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Non-lockable telescopic mast

Pneumatic telescopic mast for Tunnel detection telescopic manipulator

This product is customized for customers.

A motor is installed at the bottom of the telescopic boom to drive the internal cable and control the telescopic stroke and speed of the manipulator.

The telescopic boom is mounted on a movable shaft with a screw strut on each side to allow it to swing left and right.

The telescopic arm is provided with a suspended head.

The lifting control of telescopic boom consists of air source, integrated gas circuit, integrated circuit and operator.


If you need this product, we can design according to your requirements, including mast closing height, lifting height, lifting speed, tilt Angle, load size and so on.


Technical background:


The lifting function of the conventional pneumatic mast is realized through the input and output of compressed air. Due to the shrinkage of air, it is difficult to accurately control the height and speed of lifting.

This product effectively solves this problem.


This product is designed and manufactured for highway, railway and subway tunnel detection. It is installed on the vehicle. When used, a radar is installed on the top of the head to observe the concrete state of the top of the tunnel.

When there is an obstacle on the front side, the mast will descend rapidly and then rise again for further inspection.


This product is simple in structure, safe and reliable, easy to install, can adapt to different heights of tunnel.


Main technical parameters:


Total equipment height: ~ 1.86m


Total stroke: 3.6m±0.1m


Speed drop stroke: 1.5m + 0.1m


Lifting speed: 100-200mm/s


Drop speed: 500-800mm/s


Speed: 300-400mm/s


Deflection Angle of telescopic boom: < ±30°


Cradle head rotation Angle: ±30°


Cradle head load: ≥10Kg


Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C


Surface treatment: hard anodic oxidation


Surface color: tan


Power supply voltage: 380V, 220V


Total system weight: 310Kg