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General-purpose pneumatic lifting mast for mobile emergency lighting vehicle

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Our company has 4.2m general-purpose pneumatic lifting rod (pneumatic mast). This series of general-purpose pneumatic lifting rod is one of the most popular products in our company this quarter. It is a special lifting mast for mobile emergency lighting vehicles with built-in spiral cable, it is made of aviation aluminum magnesium alloy raw material and hard anodic oxidation technology.
This general-purpose pneumatic lifting rod (pneumatic mast) product has won the favor of customers for its excellent practicability and durability. Mr. Liao, an old customer in Guangzhou, ordered another 2,000 sets last month. I am very happy to tell our staff that the pneumatic lifting rod produced by Xuedian is indeed of excellent quality, and the after-sales service is not bad. The rod body will be replaced within three years, it is very easy to use, so this time we still choose to cooperate with us. We are very grateful to Mr. Liao for his trust in our Nanjing Snow Festival. We hope that the cooperation will be more and more happy!
The detailed technical parameters of our 4.2m general-purpose pneumatic lifting rod are attached below. If you have any other special needs, please contact our staff. Our technology department will draw up the most suitable professional lifting equipment plan for you.
Brand: NJXD (Xuedian)
Category: Pneumatic lifting rod; Pneumatic mast
Product technical objectives:
1. Closing height: 1.5 m
2. Expansion height: 4.2 m
3. Number of cylinders: 4
4. Maximum cylinder diameter: 86mm
5. Raw materials: aluminum magnesium alloy 6063B
6. Structural features: Universal pneumatic lifting rod with built-in spiral cable
7. Cable standard: 4 × 1 square
8. Maximum working pressure: 0.25Mpa
9. Maximum load: 30Kg
10. Gross weight of goods: 7.5Kg
11. Theoretical force: 36N
12. Maximum load: 36N
13. Maximum force distance: 36Nm
14. Product appearance technology: hard anodic oxidation
15. Commodity application occasions: lighting equipment, monitoring equipment, communication cabin, supervision and monitoring equipment, etc.
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Advantages of Xuedian NJXD pneumatic lifting rod


I. Advantages of pneumatic lifting rod
Pneumatic lifting rod has many advantages, but the most important ones are: large load, stable operation and low noise, fast lifting and low shock resistance, and its self-falling buffer function is also very good, due to the simple structure, the production skills are fine, so the practical operation is also very convenient and the function is stable.
In terms of operation principle and skill characteristics, this mast is equivalent to a multi-section cylinder. During application, air is written and discharged into the cylinder to complete the lifting and lowering movement of each cylinder. Each cylinder is made of excellent aluminum alloy materials. The whole manufacturing process has gone through many skills such as kneading molding, cold drawing, honing, machining, anodic oxidation and so on, and has gone through strict inspection procedures, to ensure the quality of the mast.


II. Skills of pneumatic lifting rod
[1] Solid solution treatment: it is to heat the alloy to the high-temperature single-phase zone, then keep the constant temperature, and then quickly cool it after the final solid solution, make the excess phase dissolve in the solid solution and then quickly cool (water cooling) to obtain the heat treatment skills of the saturated solid solution.
[2] incomplete artificial aging: through the selection of relatively low aging temperature, perhaps a short heat preservation time, excellent inductive mechanical function is obtained, that is, relatively high strength is obtained, excellent plasticity and resistance, but corrosion resistance may be relatively low.
[3] complete artificial aging: After selecting a higher aging temperature, it may be compared with a longer holding time, and then obtain the maximum hardness and the highest tensile strength, but the elongation is relatively low.
[4] stable treatment: it is a kind of heat treatment skill, and its intention is to make the workpiece maintain a stable shape and scale under the condition of long-term service, and it is within the scope of the rule.


III. Sealing data of pneumatic lifting rod
The sealing data used in pneumatic lifting rod is usually the data of nitrile rubber, which is a kind of rubber with good function comparison, especially in the aspects of oil resistance and heat resistance. Moreover, its temperature application range is relatively wide, so it is relatively suitable to be used in pneumatic lifting rod. The pneumatic lifting rods of Nanjing Xuedian all use original seals imported from American park to ensure the best function of each mast. Wholesale customized pneumatic lifting rod Find Wuxi Gallo excellent supplier, NJXD pneumatic lifting bracket professional factory direct sales.