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Technical Index and application of pneumatic lifting rod with built-in line

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I. Product Introduction
Built-in cable pneumatic lifting rod has the advantages of large load, low noise, fast lifting, low shock resistance, strong self-falling buffer performance, stability, etc. The company's built-in cable pneumatic lifting rod is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and can meet the requirements for height and load in different fields and occasions, such as military, police, civil and other fields, it plays an important role in various natural disasters, Emergency Events on-site night rescue and rescue. In addition, our products are also widely used in golf, night lighting of large football fields, etc.


II. Technical indicators
1 Collection height: customized according to customer requirements
2 Total height rise: customized according to customer requirements
3 Installation method: customized according to customer requirements
4 Material: high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy profile, strong corrosion resistance; The inner wall of the cylinder adopts high-pressure wear-resistant porcelain processing technology to seal and connect.;
5 Pressure maintaining performance: High level sealing performance, 24-hour lifting mast sliding less than 10mm in static state. Adopt the punching structure of piston swing stroke, and the piston with heavy structure adopts high-strength graphite-containing polytetrafluoroethylene material; All transmission systems are closed, there is a rubber RS between the rod body and the rod body to seal (this RS is the seal NOK imported from Japan), which has good waterproof and sand-proof performance and strong anti-corrosion ability;
6 surface treatment: hard oxidation increases the strength of aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles;
7 wind resistance: our Rod body adopts circular cross section. In the same installation space, circular cross section can provide higher strength, rigidity, torsion resistance and bending resistance; Wind resistance level 8; it has the function of anti-rotation., working pressure:<0.30 Mpa;.
8 built-in cable pneumatic lifting rod has the structure of built-in wire; Our company firstly realized to fix the pilot wire and power line of the equipment inside the lifting rod, and firstly realized the internal wiring of the lifting rod in China, it goes further in beauty and performance.
9 The vehicle-mounted lifting mast is fixed on the car roof, or installed around the car, and fixed by the tug and the support frame. When selecting the client equipment, the original height of the vehicle-mounted lifting mast should be determined according to the height of the mounting surface of different types to the top. As a result, when the product is installed on the top, its original height is the shortest, ensuring that the car body has the maximum height permeability and minimizing the wind resistance of the equipment as much as possible.

III. Performance advantages
Built-in cable pneumatic lifting rod is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, the whole manufacturing process has undergone extrusion molding, cold drawing, honing, machining, anodic oxidation and other processes, and through strict inspection procedures, to ensure the quality of the cylinder. Understand the structure of multi-section lifting cylinder, and have detailed structure diagram of multi-section lifting cylinder. The advantages of multi-section lifting cylinder are: simple structure and precise manufacturing process, so it is convenient to use and stable in performance. The specifications of the cylinder are determined according to the number of sections, maximum section od, initial height and maximum height. Different specifications of built-in cable pneumatic lifting rod have different technical performance.


IV. Technical instructions for use
Bolt self-locking is to mechanically locate each section of the mast according to the model structure characteristics of the mast cylinder and the shear force between the full-length outer key of the outer wall of the cylinder and the spring pin on the joint sleeve. Its positioning effect depends on the material and cross-sectional area of the key. Because the material of the mast cylinder is aluminum alloy and the cross-sectional area of the key is very small, this bolt self-locking device is only suitable for small and medium-sized masts with light load.
The straight-pull self-lock is generally applicable to the mast with an initial height of less than 1.6m, while the vertical self-lock is applicable to the mast with an initial height of more than 1.6m.
The self-locking of the brake is to realize the braking effect through the friction between the brake and the lifting rod, which is equivalent to the wheel and the brake device. When you use the lock to lock the mast, you need to tighten the lock. The required braking force depends on the size of the load. The tighter the rotation, the greater the braking force. In actual operation, use torque wrench to know whether the braking force meets the load requirements. Wrench or torque wrench are optional accessories, and the calculation method of brake self-locking braking force is to adopt the formula of screw tightening torque.
To tighten the torque value, Nm
F bolt bears the best clamping force, N;
d thread diameter, mm;[1]P is thread pitch, mm
The integrated brake and the separate brake can achieve the same braking effect, and the difference lies in whether the design can meet the requirements of the initial height, maximum rise and load of the mast. Under the same conditions, the initial height of the split lock mast can be made lower or higher.


V. Pre-sales service: we accept product customization and OEM production requirements. Even for the same standard product, different customers pay different attention to some indicators due to different use requirements. As long as you put forward the parameter requirements about the lifting rod, from the total height, closing height, wind resistance, vertical bearing, eccentric load, lifting time, deflection requirements to the power supply form, weight, installation method, etc, we are responsible for customizing a special lifting rod for you.


VI. After-sales service: technical personnel can be arranged to guide the installation. Warranty: one-year replacement, three-year warranty, life-long maintenance.

Product characteristics and application of pneumatic lifting rod
Pneumatic lifting rod is also called pneumatic lifting rod, which is divided into two categories: manual and automatic. According to industry division, there are communication lifting rod, antenna lifting rod, military lifting rod, lighting lifting rod and so on.
I. Product characteristics of pneumatic lifting rod
Pneumatic lifting rod has the advantages of high load, low noise, fast lifting, low shock resistance, strong self-falling buffer performance, stability, etc.
II. Application fields of pneumatic lifting rod
Mobile Command Post, various natural disasters and Emergency Events play an important role in on-site night rescue and rescue. Golf, night lighting for large football fields.
III. Pneumatic lifting rod process
Made of high-strength aluminum alloy with light weight, it meets the requirements for height and load in different fields and occasions.
IV. Application prospect of pneumatic lifting rod
Pneumatic lifting rod is widely used in military, police, civil, fire, communication and other industries.
With the increasing demand for pneumatic lifting rod products, more and more attention has been paid to the application research of pneumatic lifting rod products. At present, the products have been expanded to various fields. It also plays a very important role in the military and aviation fields.