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System and technical parameters of vehicle-mounted antenna lifting equipment

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Introduction of vehicle-mounted antenna lifting system



Product Introduction:
Universallift rod is a multi-section expansion rod with cylinder as the core researched and developed independently by our company. This product, with its features of multi-section synchronous scaling, high load, high adaptability, low failure rate, low shaking rate and so on, can replace the expansion and contraction devices such as hydraulic pressure and screw rod, in lifting, lifting, it has a very broad application prospect in the vertical field.

Application fields:
Military communication, missile, radar antenna erecting device; Police security lifting monitoring; Fire emergency lighting at night; Mobile lifting lightning arrester; Lifting and lifting equipment, etc.

Technical introduction:
In terms of working principle and technical characteristics, this kind of mast is equivalent to a multi-section cylinder. When in use, by injecting and discharging air into the cylinder, the rising and falling movements of each cylinder can be realized.
Each section of cylinder is made of high quality aluminum alloy materials. The whole manufacturing process has gone through many technological processes such as extrusion molding, cold drawing, honing, machining, anodic oxidation and so on, and has gone through strict inspection procedures, to ensure the quality of the mast.
If you want to know the structure of the mast, please refer to the mast structure diagram. If you want to know more, please refer to the relevant technical instructions or contact Nanjing Xuedian company. You will find that the advantages of this kind of mast are: simple structure, but precise manufacturing process, so it is convenient to use and stable in performance, and is your ideal product.
The specifications of the mast are determined according to the number of sections, the maximum section od, the initial height and the maximum height. The technical performance of mast of different specifications is different.


Technical parameters:
Lifting maximum height (unfolded height):1-30M (can be customized according to requirements, common specifications see attached table);
Closing height: 500MM-4000MM (customizable);
Load: the maximum load is 500Kg and the minimum load is 5Kg (refer to the common specification table);
Lifting Time: 2-3 M/min;
Maximum deflection angle: 5 °;
Maximum torsion angle: 45mrad;
Wind resistance level: Level 8 wind energy works normally, level 10 wind does not damage;
The above parameters are all the parameters of the lift rod of the general model of the company.