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Characteristics of the lifting bracket of the lodging type mobile lighting lamp

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Standard General product YZ2

Lodging-type mobile lifting lighting products are the model of integrated system integration of light, machine, electricity and gas, which fully embodies the application of modern photoelectric technology, control technology and manufacturing technology and advanced design concept. The product has been tested by the National Electronic product supervision and inspection agency and has obtained the national patent certificate. Rise height is 2 meters, foldable lodging.

Applicable vehicle type
All kinds of pickup trucks, jeeps, trucks, special vehicles and some cars

Features of YZ2 type
--- Fast reaction speed, lifting in 15 seconds, available in 30 seconds, maximum output power in 70 seconds
--- The system has strong wind resistance, and the maximum wind speed is 110 km/h (system closing state)
--- High color temperature to ensure no distortion of the image
--- The average service life of the lamp tube reaches 12000 hours
--- Take the place installed at the height of 1.8 meters as an example, the average irradiation distance of spotlight is 100-150 meters, and the average coverage radius of flood light and light can reach 50 meters.
--- Easy to use, one-click automatic start, homing function
--- The whole is made of high-quality materials, which can ensure normal work under various harsh environment and climate conditions.
--- The whole is made of high-quality materials, which can ensure normal work under various harsh environment and climate conditions.

Nanjing Xuedian NJXD mobile lighting lift rod. Water disaster has certain particularity, for example, it is required that the lighting range should be large, and the image data outside the dam can be collected from a relatively safe angle, etc, this requires that monitoring and lighting should be completed on a relatively high platform. We think that 8~10 meters is a relatively suitable height.
In the working environment of strong wind and heavy rain, the number of the lifting rod should not be too many, so the height of collection is an important factor that determines the total rise of the lifting rod. Among many car models, we think that the passenger and cargo vehicles represented by Quanshun and Iveco are relatively suitable, and this scheme is based on the design of Quanshun.
First of all, this type of car is very mature, the price is not high, strong and durable, and the repair and maintenance are simple. Secondly, it has large carrying capacity and certain comfort. The most important one is a rear cabin with a height of nearly 1.5 meters. We can get a relatively ideal height by opening holes for the car roof. At a collection height of 1.8 meters, through 6 knots, the total elevation of 10 meters can be effectively reached.
Coupled with reinforced steel cables, the adaptability under harsh environment is greatly improved. At the same time, each lift rod is equipped with a safety lock, and is equipped with the company's unique slow-down technology, double insurance to ensure the use safety in harsh environment. After anodic oxidation treatment, the rod body is corrosion resistant, low temperature resistant, and has the advantages of fast rising speed, low noise, stable rising, etc. The rod joints specially made for this scheme have longer overlapping sections and enhance the strength. The exclusive oil filling hole makes maintenance more convenient.
At the same time, we also put forward a light replacement scheme, which is to replace efficient lamps and install cameras on the original site of YZ2 vehicle-mounted lighting system. It enables the vehicle to have a simple command function with a working height of about 4m, which can meet the lighting command function in a small range. The cost of the system may be slightly higher, but the cost of modification is relatively low.
Disaster accidents often occur at night. Whether it is disaster relief or monitoring, high-power lighting is an indispensable equipment. For vehicle-mounted mobile lighting, it is especially important to choose a good light source, and the Hi-lamp with mature technology is a very suitable choice. It has high luminous efficiency (75 ~ 95Lm/W) and good color temperature, long service life and other advantages, brightness is 6~8 times that of ordinary incandescent lamps with the same wattage.
For high-power lighting, generator is used for power supply, and high-power generator can be configured according to users' actual needs, which is convenient for users to use.
The control panel developed for this scheme integrates the control of camera, pan-tilt, illuminant, bar lifting and so on, and adopts the handle to control the pan-tilt for the first time. At the same time, the control mode is improved and 485 communication is provided, which provides hardware basis for realizing remote control.
Special mobile hard disk video recorder, different from ordinary hard disk video recorder on the market, adopts military hard disk protection technology to shock absorption and reinforcement of hard disk. Anti-seismic, anti-riot and high temperature resistance ensure the safe storage of data under the vibration state of the automobile engine,.
Large magnification color all-in-one machine, 128 times wide and dynamic, automatic Black and White conversion under low illumination, suitable for all-weather use. It has the functions of automatic focusing, automatic aperture adjustment and DIS digital anti-shake processing.
The low-speed vehicle-mounted special pan-tilt platform is anti-vibration and anti-collapse, which is suitable for use in the environment where the vehicle continuously vibrates.
The air pump has the function of automatic pressure supplement, and it is coordinated with the oil-water separator.
The light source adopts a buried lamp with a total power of 800W to provide effective lighting for the accident scene. Its luminous efficiency is high, and its brightness is about 6~8 times of that of ordinary incandescent lamps of the same power (data comes from PHILLIP lighting).