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The difference between pneumatic lift rod and electric lift rod the stadium lighting lift bracket

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At present, according to the different power sources, thelift rods in the market can be divided into three types: pneumatic lift rods, electric lift rods and hydraulic lift rods. Due to the adoption of oil as the power source, the hydraulic type has the disadvantages of self-importance, easy freezing of oil in winter and so on, and gradually withdraws from the market. At present, pneumatic lift rod and electric lift rod are widely used in China, and pneumatic lift rod is especially popular with foreign customers.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic lift rod and electric lift rod respectively:
Advantages of electric lift rod:
1. Fast promotion speed;
2. Low cost;
Disadvantages of electric lift rod:
Because the steel wire rope is used inside, it is lifted up by the rope:
1. The internal structure has been added, and the self-weight is relatively large;
2. The gap between nodes is relatively large, and the shaking is serious;
2. Since the rope is lifted, the load should not be too heavy. After rising, the rope is easy to break after too long, and it will fall directly from the top and break the top equipment;
Advantages of pneumatic lift rod:
1, due to the internal air pressure, hollow rod body, light weight;
2, negative, the maximum load can achieve 350 kilograms;
3. Since the pneumatic mast is sealed between the poles, the gap between the joints is very small, which effectively avoids the problem of big deflection on the top;
Disadvantages of pneumatic lift rod:
1. Need to be equipped with air source;
2. Cheng Bengao


Nanjing Xuedian NJXD stadium lighting lift rod
I. Construction
First of all, according to the design drawings, the fixed parts of elevator, positioner case, master control cabinet and transmission machine connected with the building should be coordinated with the infrastructure, making the elevator, positioner case, the transmitter is fixed and the position is ensured to be correct. Fill the spare parts outside with concrete to ensure the fixed position of the machine during operation.
Secondly, install elevator, positioning machine, main control cabinet, transmission belt and other mechanical parts according to the design drawings to ensure reasonable position and meet the installation requirements of each part.
Finally, wiring and debugging elevators, each Positioning Machine and the whole transmission belt to ensure its stable and normal operation.
II. Acceptance
1. When the elevator switches three gears, the golf on the whole system can transmit normally without blocking the ball.
2. Each hitting position can run normally. If a ball is hit, a ball will be added. The display can record the quantity and time; The vice conveyor belt can transport golf normally.
3. The central computer can control the operation of the whole system and each location, and can complete the control and metering functions designed by it.