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Lightning arrester lift rod pneumatic mast technical setting

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Lightning arrester lift rod adopts pneumatic lift rod to erect lightning arrester, lifting to a certain height through Mast, thus achieving the effect of lightning protection. It is usually widely used in military, communication and other fields, and its height can be customized at will. To solve the installation problem, we designed two models: XDL and XDML.
XDL type, mainly adopts fixed installation method, uses fixed installation base, can assemble car, fixed ground, etc., its characteristics are: good stability, under the condition of sufficient power supply, automatic lifting system can be used;
XDML type mainly adopts the installation method of triangular bracket base. This type is designed to meet the requirements of setting up lightning protection for some temporary mobility, and its characteristics are: strong mobility, where lightning protection is needed, put it away and move to the place you need. Erection is also convenient, usually the erection work can be completed manually. Suitable for electric power, military, communication and other emergency lightning protection needs.
The two models are available from 2 m to 20 m in height. Customers only need to put forward height requirements, such as installation methods. Our company will choose the best solution for you. Welcome to call us for technical exchange.
Pneumatic lift mast is a lift rod device provided by professional mobile lighting equipment, communication, vehicles, monitoring, etc. It is widely used in various fields such as public security, fire protection, communication, meteorology, municipal construction, various natural disasters, on-site night rescue and rescue of Emergency Events; It can be installed in satellite news interview vehicles, relay vehicles, military, public security command vehicles, emergency communication vehicles, other special vehicles and other types of vehicles; They can also be used as the carrier of illumination in the sports field.
When the client equipment chooses the lifting rod, the original height, the maximum rising height and the maximum load of the pneumatic lifting mast should be determined according to the height from the mounting surface to the top of different types. It is convenient for the company to carry out personalized customization according to the needs of customers and cater to the solutions of customers;
When the lifting rod product is installed on the top, its original height is the shortest, which ensures the maximum height passing of the car body and reduces the wind resistance of the equipment as much as possible.


Technical setting of lifting rod
Height: the height of the lifting rod can be realized within 1-35 meters, and the height after being folded can also be designed according to the requirements of customers;
Load: the maximum load can reach 350kg. If tower is adopted, the maximum load can exceed 800kg;
Wind resistance: the original resistance of non-pulling line is 6-level wind power, and the state of pulling line can resist 8-level wind power.
Torsion degree: pneumatic lift rod adopts anti-rotating reinforcement, which can effectively solve the problem of large torsion, only ≤±0.5 °;
Positive and negative deflection: due to the RS between joints of pneumatic lift rods, it is the lowest positive and negative deflection among all kinds of lift rods at present, only ≤±0.3 °. If tower is adopted, ≤±0.1 ° can be realized

Installation method of lifting rod
Fixed mode: install the lifting rod on the top or surrounding of the equipment, and vertically lift the lamp equipment, camera equipment, antenna equipment and so on to the high altitude to realize the lifting equipment of the customer's predetermined function.
Moving mode: it can be realized by reinforcing the triangular bracket at the bottom. It can be moved up and down by opening the chassis of the triangular bracket and lifting the rod manually or automatically during operation.
Vehicle mode: the lift rod is fixed by opening holes in the car roof, or installed around the car, and fixed by the mop and support frame.

Material description
The lifting rod adopts high-strength 6063 aluminum alloy profile, and the surface is subjected to anodic hardening treatment, which has higher hardness, film thickness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
In addition, our company first realized the built-in pneumatic lift rod inside the power line, which is a leading technology in China and further in beauty and performance.